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Services That Keep Away Rodents & Small Wildlife

Creatures much larger than bugs can also invade your home or business and pose a danger to you, your family, or your staff. Let Flower Mound Pest Control, LLC provide the services necessary to rid your property of rodents, squirrels, and small wildlife.

Mice on a Table

Rodents (Rats/Mice)

We do a thorough inspection of a structure from the basement to the attic to find out how the rodents are entering it. Next, we determine the proper way to eliminate the problem, whether it is rats or mice. Rodent control options we typically use include traps, outside bait traps, and monitoring. Additionally, we will patch any entry spot we find to prevent rodents from reentering the structure.

Squirrel & Small Wildlife

Get rid of pesky squirrels and other wildlife with our help. For wildlife removal, we follow the same procedure as we do to eliminate rodents. We also use an excluder door that allows the animal to leave the structure but not be able to get back inside. Once the animal has left the home or business, we patch the entry point to make sure that your structure stays free from all types of small wildlife.

Pest control applicators are licensed by and regulated by the Texas Dept. of Agriculture. P.O. Box 12847, Austin TX, 78711-2847, (866) 918-4481